Residential Roofing Services

Your house is the most greatest and most important investment you will do in your lifetime. You take pride in maintaining it, and while improvements increase the value of your house, it can also be expensive. With our vast amount of product knowledge, we guide the owner to make the right decision.

Services We Offer:

  • Roof Inspection
  • Emergency Storm Response
  • Leak Detection
  • Roof Repairs
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Re-Roof Replacement

Roof Inspection
All of our inspections are free at no obligation to the Owner.

Emergency / Storm Response Assistance
Rosamond Elite Roofing offers Emergency Catastrophic loss response to provide tarping and assistance with insurance claim adjustments.

Leak Detection
We provide internal inspection of the attic/crawl spaces and interior rooms of your home to prevent further damage. We look for damp areas, mold/algae, discoloration of drywall and wood, water spots on decking, ceiling, and insulation.

Roof Repairs
This includes repairing rotten decking area, replace damaged shingles that may cause leaks, replacing pipe jacks, resealing exhaust vents and chimney flashing.

Preventative Maintenance
During our initial inspection we look for areas such as conjoining valley systems, design flaws in the roofing systems and wind damage prone areas.

Re-Roof Replacement
This includes removing your existing roofing material while protecting your house perimeter i.e. landscaping, pool. We evaluate the decking and make any necessary repairs and we proceed with installation of material of Owner’s choice. We also paint/seal all HVAC pipe jacks matching the color of the roof material. Upon completion, we clean all gutters and around the job-site with the magnetic nail sweeper.

Residential Roofs